Bloomiss Naturals Review + An Instagram Giveaway!

B-l-o-o-m-i-s-s: A word that encompasses a (blooming) beautiful woman (miss) when she is striving to be her very best…

Bloomiss Naturals, a Canadian aromatherapy and skincare + beauty line founded by the lovely Crystal, was created and inspired by two specific reasons: her love for natural and organic products (trying to eliminate toxic products from her daily life) and for the calming effect that creating and making had on her. Crystal struggled with infertility and the stressful emotions that come along with it and says that having a Type A personality has her in a mode of “go, go, go” with never being able to shut her mind off, so the creation process and her actual aromatherapy products themselves have been a big change on her life. Bloomiss offers a decent selection of skincare and body care including day and night moisturizers, a serum, a face mask, body lotions and scrubs, super pretty lip glosses, and range of aromatherapy rollerballs.

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The Power of Quinoa – Zue Beauty Review

I’m excited to share a new brand I’ve been testing out that has a new take on skincare I haven’t seen yet: one that is based on quinoa! Zue Beauty is a natural skincare brand that believes in the power of quinoa, a seed (oft considered a grain) that is considered a superfood because of its wide range health benefits. They also believe in a “world beyond beauty”, where our purchases give back to the partners they currently support.

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A Closer Look: Blissoma’s Moisturizer Collection

Hooray! Today marks my one year blog anniversary and it’s been a very special year for me having this platform and creative outlet with which I can share and discuss all things beauty with you all! It’s also been amazing connecting with others here in the green beauty community and I am looking forward to continuing this project in 2017.

So, what better way to mark this special day than by sharing some of my all-time favorites from a brand that I hold so near and dear to my heart! I’ve written about a couple of Blissoma’s moisturizers before but I recently picked up the last one in the range that I had yet to try thereby completing my own collection, so I’m excited to post a full review on these babies! Blissoma’s line of skin-loving moisturizers has helped to normalize my skin type by balancing oil production/hydration retention, increasing my skin’s healthy appearance, and reducing acne and breakouts. I’m slowly making my way into trying all of their serums (making it one of my missions of 2017!) so stay tuned!

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Berlin Skin – Skin Care for the Modern Minimalist

Within the last few months my morning and nightly skincare routines have grown in the number of products I’m using (sometimes you just want to try everything!) which can become a problem making it necessary to scale back and reset. For me, once I begin to incorporate so many products into my routine, my skin comes to rely on what I’m giving it and it can be hard to go back. Introducing many products into your routine also creates a situation where if you begin to break out, the number of products and quadruple amount of ingredients they contain makes it difficult to figure out just who or what the culprit of the breakout is.

Lately, Berlin Skin has been my brand of choice for getting back to that simple ritual of core basics, although their products are everything but! Their tightly-edited skincare collection is fuss-free, but very sophisticated both visually and in formula. Berlin Skin’s products are made in small batches and formulated with high quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients including wildcrafted + organic botanicals and oils. Read more about Berlin Skin’s vision on minimalism + skincare, their core values, and how their products are made.

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