REVIEW: KYPRIS Deep Forest Clay

Nothing provides immediate rejuvenation quite like a good clay face mask and it’s become apparent to me that it’s something I need to insert into my routine more often. I enjoy masking, but after a full cleansing routine I’m itching to get the rest of my products on so my skin can feel comfortable again. After I do mask, and see the wondrous results, it feels like a revelation – this is what my skin has been needing! It not only helps to clear dead skin and congestion, but it brings life to my skin and helps to re-balance oil production. In the middle of this Summer I made a resolve to mask more often and I was quite elated when KYPRIS asked if I would like to try out their Deep Forest Clay* detoxifying mask and exfoliant. This is one of a few masks that’s been on my testing table and I’m excited to share how I’ve been enjoying it.

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Get the Glow with Okoko | La Boue de Beauté + L’Elixir de Clarté


Hello, friends! I’m back again this week featuring more natural skincare goodness from Okoko Cosmetiques. In anticipation of the launch of their new multi-purpose Sublime Balm (coming November 7th!) and founder Oyeta Kokoroko’s upcoming webinar, I’m sharing two of my favorites from the eco-chic French-Canadian skincare line that have helped me to achieve glowing and radiant results! Check out last week’s review where I gave all the deets on Sublime, as well as the deets on their newly updated Mini-Kit, a must have for experiencing this indulgent range of natural skincare.

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(Re)Introducing Okoko Cosmetiques! New Product Launch + Upcoming Webinar


I originally introduced my readers to the French-Candian eco-chic Okoko Cosmetiques skincare range back in June when I shared my experience with their Mini-Kit I had won in a giveaway. Since the posting of my review, Okoko has added a brand new product to the line and have updated the packaging in their mini-kit to include amber and violet glass bottles and containers! Their brand new Sublime balm is being reformulated after its initial limited-edition launch, so in anticipation of its November 7th re-launch I want to introduce what this brand is all about, in addition to sharing the deets on Sublime!

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