LEAN ON ME: August Boxwalla Beauty | African Botanics

Tell me a story under a Marula tree
Tell me a story of luxury.

Flowers float in an African breeze,
When they touch your face, the worries cease.

Tell me a story under a Baobab tree
Tell me the story of eternity..

Light as a feather, filled like the sea
With wisdom from future, and history.

Tell me a story of nature, of science,
Tell me a story of both combined.

Slowly I sip from this salubrious story 
Softly it whispers, ‘Lean on me’.

As beautifully written above by Lavanya of Boxwalla foundry, her poem is an ode to the theme of Boxwalla’s August beauty box which happens to be including the efficacious African Botanics! This month, the beauty box is showcasing their Fleurs d’Afrique Intensive Recovery Oil*, a product one can truly lean on thanks to its multi-correcting powerhouse of ingredients including marula oil, vitamin C, retinol, essential fatty acids, coQ10, and more.

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Modern Herbal Fusion – Khus Khus SEN Face Serum Review

Herbal solutions have done wonders for my skin (which is why I had to update my Instagram bio just to note I am herbal skincare obsessed) and that is one of many reasons why I’m excited to share this new release from KHUS KHUS, a natural beauty brand with a focus on health and healing through Ayurvedic medicine, yogic and vedic science, eastern and western herbalism, and aromatherapy. In December they released their brand new SEN Face Serum*, an oil-based blend featuring a formula that combines CBD oil (non-psychoactive compound found in the marijuana plant) with Ayurvedic and western botanicals to promote skin healing.

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