From the Earth, To Your Skin | Introducing TBG Skincare

I had the pleasure of discovering TBG Skincare through a subscription box collaboration with See New Skincare’s NOV/DEC Skincare Box, where I really fell in love their collection as I both resonate with their minimalist + eco ethos and all around enjoyed my experience with their earth-like formulas. I’m thrilled to share that I’ve joined their team of ambassadors and even more thrilled to finally share their beauty range with my readers. Be sure to check out the bottom of this review for a special discount!

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From Armenia’s Highlands – Nairian Cosmetics

It’s rather exciting to see the modern green beauty market expand internationally and that is why I’m thrilled to bring this new and interesting brand into the blogosphere!

Nairian Cosmetics, founded by Anahit and Ara Markosian, is an all-natural beauty brand made entirely in Armenia with many of their ingredients sourced from the Armenian highlands. One being a physicist and the other a mathematician, the idea to create a natural beauty range came to them while taking a road trip through mountains of their former home in Armenia. During this drive they saw the untapped flora of the highlands and pondered the possibilities of what could become. After leaving their Silicon Valley jobs in California they moved back to their former home in Armenia and assembled a team of researchers and horticulturists to create the very first all-natural beauty brand based in Armenia.

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