Max Green Alchemy – Scalp Rescue Hair Care

My hair posts on this blog are far and few in between, but if you’ve managed to catch the last one you’ll know that I’ve had scalp issues in the last +1 year stemming from natural shampoos and conditioners. With each one that I’ve tried, after a period of time I notice a lot of dandruff-like buildup on my scalp that leads to raw skin and extreme itchiness. I’ve come to the conclusion that the ones I’ve tried in the past are not properly removing oils and dead skin from scalp, causing the buildup that leads to the un-fun issues. Occasionally I’ve had to resort to conventional shampoos that clear my scalp up, but I’m not comfortable with the artificial fragrance and they tend to dry my hair strands out. In my last hair care post I showed a duo from Honest Beauty that I was seeing success with, but that brand is drowning in (super dishonest) scandals, so I decided to not go all in in buying the full sizes.

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