Okoko Cosmetiques Sublime Balm Review

In early November I shared a little sneak peek of the Okoko Cosmetiques Sublime Balm* that was soon to be launched – and now it’s here! I’ve been using this decadent and luxurious balm, released by one of my favorite eco-luxe skincare brands, for a solid month now and I’m beyond excited to go into depth on what this amazing treat is all about.

Okoko Cosmetiques, founded by the beautifully inspiring Oyeta Kokoroko, is a Vancouver-based eco-chic skincare brand that offers results-driven, radiance-enhancing products with exotic, treasure-like ingredients. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to test and review each product in their line thus far, including their exfoliating concentrate, anti-aging oil, and clay facial masks. In addition to addressing the many issues we all experience with our skin (acne, dryness, fine lines, etc) the big selling point behind Okoko is that each product is designed to enhance radiance and bring out our skin’s natural glow – and the new Sublime Balm is no exception!

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Green Beauty Journal | Oct. ’16


I’m a bit late getting this month’s GBJ post up, but better late than never, right?! I have so much to share with you all, from new makeup goodies, new deodorants and lotions, skincare and makeup samples, and some empties of well-loved products. If you’re not familiar with this series of mine, my Green Beauty Journal posts are month-end collectives of favorites, empties, and new products from the previous month.

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Get the Glow with Okoko | La Boue de Beauté + L’Elixir de Clarté


Hello, friends! I’m back again this week featuring more natural skincare goodness from Okoko Cosmetiques. In anticipation of the launch of their new multi-purpose Sublime Balm (coming November 7th!) and founder Oyeta Kokoroko’s upcoming webinar, I’m sharing two of my favorites from the eco-chic French-Canadian skincare line that have helped me to achieve glowing and radiant results! Check out last week’s review where I gave all the deets on Sublime, as well as the deets on their newly updated Mini-Kit, a must have for experiencing this indulgent range of natural skincare.

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(Re)Introducing Okoko Cosmetiques! New Product Launch + Upcoming Webinar


I originally introduced my readers to the French-Candian eco-chic Okoko Cosmetiques skincare range back in June when I shared my experience with their Mini-Kit I had won in a giveaway. Since the posting of my review, Okoko has added a brand new product to the line and have updated the packaging in their mini-kit to include amber and violet glass bottles and containers! Their brand new Sublime balm is being reformulated after its initial limited-edition launch, so in anticipation of its November 7th re-launch I want to introduce what this brand is all about, in addition to sharing the deets on Sublime!

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