The Power of Quinoa – Zue Beauty Review

I’m excited to share a new brand I’ve been testing out that has a new take on skincare I haven’t seen yet: one that is based on quinoa! Zue Beauty is a natural skincare brand that believes in the power of quinoa, a seed (oft considered a grain) that is considered a superfood because of its wide range health benefits. They also believe in a “world beyond beauty”, where our purchases give back to the partners they currently support.

What’s in Quinoa? The quinoa seed extract included in all of Zue’s products is rich in antioxidants which help to neutralize free radicals and prevent signs of aging, and it’s also complete with many vitamins and minerals that help to support skin function and health. It’s deeply moisturizing and promotes skin softness and elasticity.

To learn more about quinoa and where Zue Beauty sources theirs from, read all about their mission and the cycle of Zue.

  • Zue Beauty Purifying Facial Cleanser* ($17.99 / 4.0 fl oz) Formulated with quinoa (it’s the second ingredient!), shea butter, and witch hazel, this creamy cleanser is designed to balance and refresh the skin while gently removing oil and debris. It’s non-foaming and ideal for those with dry or sensitive skin types.I like to use this creamy cleanser in the mornings since it helps to replace moisture loss and refreshes my skin, prepping it for skincare to follow. Scent wise, it smells much like the lemon verbena leaf oil it contains. My only complaint about this cleanser is that it breaks down in a strange way where it feels like I’m mixing a moisturizing lotion or cream with water, but nonetheless my skin still feels nice and refreshed like it does with any other gentle cleanser. I can definitely feel where the quinoa seed extract lends soothing properties to this cleanser!
  • Zue Beauty Restoring Night Cream ($21.99 / 1.8 fl oz) Zue’s night cream is formulated with quinoa (of course), seaweed, and gotu kola to restore the skin and support overnight hydration and moisture. Seaweed is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and omega fatty acids, while gotu kola also lends more antioxidant benefits. Quinoa deeply moisturizes and promotes skin softness and elasticity. This cream feels like a lightweight lotion so I make sure to carefully apply any necessary layers beforehand (hydrating serums, oils) as my dehydrated skin type really needs the moisture. Since it has a lightweight feel it makes for a great day time moisturizer too and I don’t need to layer much with it other than a facial mist and a couple drops of facial oil. It absorbs quickly and makes my skin look and feel quite plump and soft. It also has a lemon-y scent like the cleanser.

Give Back

With Zue Beauty’s Give Back program, a portion of all sales support certain causes, but the catch is that you get to choose which cause! Among some of these causes that Zue Beauty shines a spotlight on includes the Youth Environmental Alliance, Vancouver Surfrider Foundation, Frontier Animal Society, and the Hummingbird Conservancy. When you purchase a product, find the code on the back as shown in the photo above, head to Zue’s Give Back page and pick the cause of your choosing.

Zue Beauty is one of few beauty brands who take a holistic approach to their model and even more than their products performance it’s the biggest thing that I appreciate about this brand. Not only do they support their partners from the ground up, they take the proceeds and give even more back to charities who work to improve our communities. If you’re on the hunt for a holistic skincare brand that offers effective products at an affordable price, I highly recommend to explore Zue!

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*Sent to me by Zue Beauty for consideration
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