THREE WAYS TO SAVOR SUMMER: June Boxwalla Beauty Review

Hello, friends! How is Summer treating you, COVID and all? In the South where I live, it’s too blazing hot and humid to care about going outdoors and I don’t look forward to sweaty shiny skin, but I do look forward to Summer skincare products. With skincare I find that there’s an addictive feeling towards experiencing relief – whether you’re soothing hot dehydrated skin with a cooling mist, applying a much needed exfoliating treatment mask, or cocooning your skin in the most nourishing balm or cream at night. With non-favorable weather and climate conditions I know that I get to experience that relief of skincare and it may sound twisted, but I get the feeling that many of you know what I am talking about!

Today’s review on Boxwalla’s June Beauty Box* includes products that provide said relief and nourishment for Summer skin. Themed “Three Ways to Savor Summer“, the June Beauty Box was curated to help us get by with a little help from our friends. Unfortunately, one-time boxes are sold out at the time of posting, but you can purchase one of the items from this box a la carte at a discount. Details will be below.

What’s in the June Beauty Box ($185 total retail value):

  • Nini Organics NATURA Detox Foam ($44) – A water-free powder cleanser made with green clay and dried vegetables. Transforms into a moussey foam when mixed with water. NATURA is available a la carte at Boxwalla for $44!
  • PAI Sea Aster & Wild Oat Instant Calm Redness Serum ($118) – A milky serum formulated to soothe and calm skin that is inflamed, red, itchy, or reactive. Sea Aster inhibits flare ups while wild oat is famed for soothing active skin.
  • African Botanics Marula Botanical Hand Cream ($55) – A botanical hand cream formulated to do it all – soothe, deeply hydrate, restore, and repair hands. Made with rich butters, wild harvested oils, and moisturizing botanicals.

What is Boxwalla all about? To put it simply, they like to fill boxes with things that MUST be experienced. Boxwalla is a bi-monthly subscription box service that showcases artists and artisans from around the world giving the subscriber a choice of four different interests to choose from: The Beauty Box, The Food Box, The Film Box, and The Book Box. Each box is curated with context in mind and with a story to be told, each one delivering a beautiful sensory experience. Green beauty lovers will appreciate that they have high standards when it comes to ingredients and that they actually use, love, and enjoy the products they feature. Boxwalla typically features between 1-4 products including both full and generous deluxe travel-sizes. Their beauty box rings in at just $49.95 every other month, with each box valuing well over the price tag. If supply is available, they will offer one-time boxes after subscriptions close and they also offer non-renewing gift cycles.

A mousse-y, spa-like experience in a jar.


Natura Detox Foam is a unique water-free foaming cleanser supercharged with detoxifying dried vegetables and super antioxidants. Ideal as your 2/3 times a week cleanser perfect for acne prone/ combination & normal skin types. Give your skin a cleanser that is gentle, effective, and all natural.”

Nini Organics NATURA Detox Foam is a powdered cleanser that turns into a moussey foam when mixed with water. It’s formulated to give a gentle cleanse while simultaneously cleansing pores and the included broccoli powder and coconut cleansing agent helps to mop up pollutants.

This was the one product in the box that did a 180 on me. I’m not a huge fan of powdered cleansers – I find they are either too exfoliating to be considered a cleanser, or that they are too harsh and drying. However, when I tried this powdered cleanser, it wasn’t either of those things but rather it was the perfect medium that I need in a cleanser and I fell in love. It has a few spare exfoliating grains that help polish the skin but it’s not a full on exfoliator, and it’s not drying in the slightest but instead it leaves a silky wash of nourishment behind as you’re rinsing it off. Initially I wasn’t excited about the spearmint scent, but that in combination with the texture of the mousse and the lovely spread/application it gives, it felt like an at-home spa experience. I tend to save sensory experience products for the PM, but this is so gentle that you could definitely use it in the mornings. At night after oil cleansing, I follow up with a scoop of Natura and massage it in until it’s applied like a mask application. I let it set for a minute or two and rinse off.

Pro-tip: You only need the smallest amount of water to mix the powder with. I pour the powder directly from the bottle into a bowl and I use less than a teaspoon of water. When I took initial product photos of this cleanser, I was pressed for time and the heat melted my cleanser, so I included a freshly taken second photo to show a more accurate view of what it should look like after mixing with a few drops of water.

PAI Instant Calm Redness Serum

Our Instant Calm Redness Serum is expertly formulated restore calm and confidence to reactive complexions. This lightweight and hydrating serum is enriched with Sea Aster, a flowering plant that actively calms troubled skin and reduces visible redness and blotchiness. Combined with Wild Oat, rich source of Oleic and Linoleic fatty acids, it helps to comfort areas of dryness and soothe sensitivity. To reduce flare-ups caused by dehydration and dryness, this ultra gentle formula is carefully balanced with filtered water.”

Pai’s Instant Calm Redness Serum is a milky lightweight serum formulated to soothe and calm skin that is inflamed or reactive. Sea aster inhibits the release of the molecules that cause skin to flare while wild oat is famed for soothing reactions.

I knew this serum would be super effective since first test! The first time I tested it, it wasn’t actually on my face, but on a hive-like bump on my neck. I experience these time to time on my neck and chest area and they’re awfully itchy and red. I had one of these bumps at the same moment that I received this box in the mail and it was driving me crazy, so I thought to test the Pai serum on the bump. It IMMEDIATELY stopped the itching and soothed the inflamed red and hot area on my skin and I no longer experienced itchiness until the bump subsided. Any time since then that I have experienced any type of bodily skin reaction (or even a scratch caused by my kittens!) I will apply this right away and it works like a dream.

As for how it works on facial skin as intended, it works that same magic and soothes + calms my skin any time that it’s inflamed. Sometimes my double cleansing routine or mask sessions can leave my skin a little overworked and red, so I pop some of this serum on (along with a facial mist and other products to follow) and my skin is calmed once again. I also love to use this in my PM skincare after a hot day with a lot of sun exposure. It’s not the most hydrating serum so you will want to include other hydrating products in your routine along side it, such as a hydrating mist or serum, or another water based cream. I really love this serum though and am so happy to have discovered it with much thanks to Boxwalla.

African Botanics Marula Botanical Hand Cream

Formulated to regenerate, repair, deeply hydrate, soothe, even skin tone, brighten and restore comfort. Reduces dark spots and lightens with Swiss Garden Cress. Protects and fights aging with Alpine Rose plant stem cells, plant peptides and Hyaluronic Acid while promoting healing.”

COVID got you down with the extra hand washing and hand sanitizer applications? African Botanics Botanical Hand Cream is a luxurious option for treating and repairing those dry hands! My hands (and body skin in general) are dry anyway, even without the extra hygiene measures we’ve all been taking to avoid getting sick. I’ve been using my all-time fave CeraVe moisturizing cream for all my moisturizing needs, but I’ve been in need of a hand cream that I could take on the go and that’s where this one found its home in my purse. AB’s hand cream leaves my hands feeling silky soft and hydrated and I love the pillow-y/cushion-y feel and texture of this cream. It’s a dream! If you’re on the hunt for a luxurious hand cream (and it does have a luxury price tag) this is an excellent option to try.

If you’re not already a Boxwalla subscriber, the August Beauty Box is going to be a special one to sign up for and will be including two products from beloved Votary again and one product from a new-to-Boxwalla brand: Lovinah! Sign up’s are open until August 10th and as always the subscription runs for $49.95.

In some other news, Boxwalla is collaborating with Lovinah to release a special Limited Edition Makeup + Skincare box that ships in August. This will be a one-time purchase separation from the subscription box and includes their gorgeous Eye Magic Eyeshadow Palette and Copper Peptide + EGF Ampoule set. Pre-orders are open now and I can’t wait to share some Eye Magic palette looks with you all!

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